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I am a robotics and sensor networks researcher with a special focus on tele-operated robots/CG-agents known as "Cybernetic Avatars." My work revolves around exploring the potential of these avatars. Additionally, I actively engage in consulting with tech-venture companies to foster the social implementation of advanced technologies like robots and IoT. Together, we strive to develop suitable business models for these innovations.

Keywords: cybernetic avatar, networked robotics, sensor networks, multi-DOFs control, ambient intelligence, and human position/behavior measurement.

Mobility Professional Seminar,
"Empowering Society for Everyone with Avatar Drones"
in Japan Drone 2023
10-20, July. 2023


"Avatar-Symbiotic Society"
at ExCEL London, UK
29, May. 2023
Field Experiments for
Avatar 100, Avatar-Festival
at ATC, Osaka
10-20, July. 2023
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